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Who should register for a .AUTO Domain?
Anyone who is an active participant in the automotive industry can and should; Including...

Automotive Establishments
Auction Pools
Auto Antiques
Auto Detailing
Auto Shops
Auto Financing
Body Shops
Claim Service
Shipping Company
Auto Recyclers
Car Restoration
Car Makers
Automotive Specialists
Auto Services
Salvage Yards
Auto Donations
Auction Houses
Parts Manufacturers
Auto Parts Stores
Crushing Service
Auto Body Shops
Towing Companies
Tune Up Services
Gas Stations
Auto Enthusiasts
Online Services
Automotive Forums
Automotive Bloggers

Marketing Strategy:

In order to achieve our goals and build name recognition, we will be implementing an extensive and far reaching marketing plan, focused on enhancing the value of the “.AUTO” brand name, while positioning “.AUTO” to become an industry “must –have” in assisting businesses to gain market share and exposure.

Within six years of the “.AUTO” launch, it is our goal to register 70%+ of all automotive-related companies with a minimum of one “.AUTO” TLD. This achievement would solidify our mission statement and serve to differentiate the internet in a much needed and effective way.

To do so, the following marketing strategies will be put in place:

Enhance our current relationships with the following:

  • Car dealers
  • Classic car traders
  • Car brokers
  • Rebuilders
  • Auto pools
  • Auction houses
  • Insurance and fleet companies
  • Trucking companies
  • Auto parts suppliers
  • Aftermarket car part distributors
  • Salvage yards
  • Car repair shops
  • Mechanics
  • Do-it-yourselfers
  • Catalog providers

We intend to implement a highly focused/ targeted marketing blitz to the companies listed above, their advertising agencies, and public relations personnel in order to assist them in implementing and utilizing the “.AUTO” TLD.

Utilize the Automotix team’s combined extensive experience in the automotive arena, allowing us to link consumers to the most efficient and applicable service providers via the “.AUTO” TLD.

The benefits of .Auto are endless, so don’t wait. Differentiate your business with a new .AUTO domain extension. Be one of the first to pre-register your .AUTO Domain. Do it TODAY.

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