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The first steam-powered vehicle was built in 1672. At only 65 cm. long, it was unable to hold a passenger or a driver. Now, more than three hundred years later, thousands of vehicles are available worldwide, and the auto industry is seen as one of the most important economic sectors in the world. According to the US Bureau of Transit Statistics, over 254 million Americans own registered vehicles, and the United States is one of the top four producers for both vehicles and automotive parts.

The International Association of Vehicle Manufacturers reported that, in 2011, global production of cars and commercial vehicles was up by 26%, with over 77 million vehicles produced in 40 different countries. The automotive industry, which includes industries associated with the production, wholesaling, retailing and maintenance of motor vehicles, employs an average of 250,000 people per country and additionally impacts over 100 million workers who depend on automotive plants and labs for their own jobs. The Automotive industry provides a variety of employment options such as: parts suppliers, car dealerships, mechanics, road crews, and public service departments, all more easily and readily identifiable as active participants in their industry with the creation of the .AUTO gTLD. .AUTO will mark the first ever common identifier of this internationally essential and diverse consumer market.

Consumers can be confident that domains bearing the “.AUTO “ gTLD will provide them with industry specific information, to those leaders in this GLOBAL market, increasing advertising revenue across the board for online retailers.

.AUTO will instantly identify anyone utilizing this gTLD as an active member of the automotive industry in AFRICA. Getting creative with what you put in front of .AUTO will allow you to more easily identify yourself to consumers; to market yourself or your business internationally by specifying either location, specialty, or clearly defining your role in the automotive industry in AFRICA.

With these thoughts in mind, we at Auto DOMAINIA believe that it is essential for the automotive industry to become a leader in this transition. On average, there are over 500 million searches a month for the words “CAR” and “AUTO” online, which result in a monthly volume of page views totaling well over 10 billion clicks. The opportunity to enhance the consumer experience while driving competition in our market is paramount and we are excited to be apart of this evolution.

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